Worlds In A Life – Thollem with ACVilla, live video mixing
Mar 8 (Lisboa PT) @ Casa do Comum
Mar 18-Mar 30 (Livorno IT) @ Teatrofficina Refugio – residency (contextualizations)
Mar 30 (Livorno, IT) @ Teatrofficina Refugio: Outside In – Livorno
Apr 5/6 (Dublin IE) – @ the National Concert Hall – Metronome Series
Jun 15 (Philadelphia, PA) @ Pageant Soloveev – Fire Museum Presents
Jun 23 (Brooklyn, NY) @ Roulette – Vision Festival
Also: Artists Engaged – documentary films with Thollem
Jun 21 – Infinite-Sum Game (World Wide Web)
Dec 19 – The Story of Curva Minore (Solo Per Lelio Music Festival, Palermo, Sicily)
January, 2025 – Murals of Nani Chacon (Española and Las Cruces NM) This New Mexico-based film is supported by the Fulcrum Fund through 516 Arts (Albuquerque) to support the post-production and presentations of this documentary. Both showings are free to the public.

2023 Bicontinental Tour
Feb 8-9 (Santa Barbara, CA) @ UCSB – Obstacle Illusion – performances and Q&A
Feb 19 (Tucson, AZ) @ Pidgin Palace Arts (part of the Peaceful Sky Festival) – Who Are US 4-hour experience
Mar 14 (Albuquerque, NM) @ The Guild Cinema – Obstacle Illusion Live (2023) and test screening of Murals of Nani Chacon
Apr (Poschiavo CH) @ The Uncool Residency Thollem/ACVilla (This marks the final event that was cancelled in 2020.)
Apr 11 (Poschiavo CH) @ Scuole Valposchiavo – Thollem/ACVilla workshop
Apr 22 (Poschiavo, Switzerland) @ Casa Hasler Poschiavo – Thollem/ACVilla
May 6 (Livorno IT) @ Teatro Refugio
May (Palermo IT) @ Curve Minore – in residence for Artists Engaged: Curva Minore
Jul 5 (Santa Fe, NM) @ Cocteau Theater for Sandbox Series – Also: Thollem/Begay
July (Flagstaff, AZ) – in residence for Artists Engaged
Aug – Nov (Palermo, Sicilia) – in residence for Artists Engaged: The Story of Curva Minore
Nov 2023-March 2024 – in residence for Artists Engaged: Infinite Sum Game

2022 Bicontinental tour
Obstacle Illusion with Thollem (electric) trailer
Mar 12 (Albuquerque, NM) @ The Guild Cinema in conjunction with Basement Films
Mar 17 (DC) @ Rhizome
Mar 18 (Baltimore, MD) @ 2640 Space
Mar 19 (Philadelphia, PA) @ The Rotunda (Fire Museum Presents)
Apr 1 (Toronto CA) @ Array Music
Apr 7 (Lisbon PT) @ Ler Devagar
Apr 9 (Porto PT) – @ Sonoscopia
Apr 15 (Palermo IT) – @ Sala Perriera (Presented by Curva Minore)
May 6 (Napoli IT) – @ Infrasuoni l’Asilo
May 13 (Bitonto IT) – @ Resilienza
May 20 (Brescia IT) @ Spettro
​Jun 2 (Amsterdam NL) @ OCCii 
Jun 23 (Santa Fe, NM) @ Center for Contemporary Art for the Sandbox Series/Currents Festival
Aug 20 (San José, CA) @ School of Arts & Culture Gallery at Mexican Heritage Plaza, presented by Works/San José
Sep 10 (Guelph ON) @ Silence
Sep 19–25 (St. Erme FR) @ Residency at Performing Arts Forum (PAF)
Nov 5 (Palermo IT) @ Sala Faust
Nov 25 (Torino IT) @ Imbarchino
Dec (Amsterdam NL) Residency at The Atelier to create a site-specific piece

2021 Bicontinental Tour
Who Are U.S. 2021 with Thollem (electric)
Aug 29 (San José, CA) @ Works/San José
Sept 11 (Flagstaff, AZ) @ Kickstand Café – ​Interference Series
Sept 19  (Albuquerque, NM) @ The Guild Theater
Sept 23 (Kansas City, MO) @ 9th and State 
Sept 24 (Chicago, IL)  @ Elastic Arts 
Sept 25 (Plymouth, IN) @ Wild Rose Moon 
Sept 30 (Detroit, MI) @ Trinosophes 
Oct 24 (Milano IT) @ Macao
Dec 9 (Lisbon PT) @ Damas
Dec (Porto PT) @ Sonoscopia – Residency
Dec 23 (Porto PT) @ Sonoscopia – Canceled due to the pandemic

2020 Lockdown – Commissions
New Mexico: Inside Out for (virtual) High Zero Festival (Curated by High Mayhem, Santa Fe, NM)
Tin Plate and Bells for the ​BONNET/HESTIN/QUASS Trio
Celebration of Silicon Alleys for Gary Singh’s (virtual) book release – presented by Works/San José

2019 US tour
The Now Of US with Thollem (neé Silver Ochre) toured as a work-in-progress throughout the US. My work was focused on murals-with-a-message. The film included clips of an interview with Diné/Chicana muralist Nani Chacon. For each presentation, we invited a local muralist to show her work and talk about her role in her community.

2018 Commissions
No Distractions @ The Lab (San Francisco) – 3-screen video score for Rova Saxophone Quartet on the occasion of their 40th anniversary
Dire Warning @ SITE Santa Fe (New Mexico) with Estamos Trio (Carmina Escobar, Milo Tamez, Thollem)
Everyone Knows This To Be True @ The Guild Theater (Albuquerque, NM): part of Thollem’s Technicolor Grey Zone show / 2018 U.S tour
The Visitor and The Angel @ Colorado State Univ. Art Gallery (Pueblo, CO): Bob Marsh/ACVilla Duo (sound movement and visions)
Collaboration in the Age of Echo Chambers, Part II: Bordering Li(n)es @ University of Colorado (Colorado Springs, CO): Visuals to accompany trio performance with Jane Rigler / Haleh Abghari / Thollem

2017 US Tour/Research
Residencies: Calumet (Gary, IN), Pioneer Works (Brooklyn, NY)
Visuals for Electro Music Fest (Indianapolis, IN) and Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, WA) in collaboration with Thollem
Collecting material throughout US for No Distractions commission (2018)

2016 US tour
The Fallen Angel @ Colorado St. Univ. Art Gallery (Pueblo, CO): Bob Marsh/ACVilla Duo (sound movement and visions)
Who Are US (becoming) – a 7-month, lower 48-state project made during the run-up to the US elections (without being about the elections). Presented in-progress by Thollem/ACVilla, with live music and Q&A at film societies, art houses, DIY venues, galleries, universities, museums, etc.
Silver Ochre @ Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art: Thollem/ACVilla

2014 Commission
Silver Ochre – for Thollem, performed at Hallwalls: Silo Sessions Presents (Buffalo, NY)